Protecting Your Property Rights

At Lifetime Estate in Colorado, we understand the complexities and challenges that property owners face when confronted with a mechanics lien. A mechanics lien is a legal claim against a property by a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier who has not been paid for work done or materials provided. This can be a stressful situation for property owners, as it may put the ownership of their property at risk.

Our Approach to Defending Against Mechanics Liens

Lifetime Estate provides a robust defense strategy against mechanics liens for property owners across Colorado. Our legal team is well-versed in Colorado’s lien laws and brings expertise and diligent representation to protect your property rights.

Comprehensive Evaluation:

We start by conducting a thorough review of the claim to identify any procedural errors or substantive issues with the lien itself. This may include scrutinizing the timeliness of the lien, the accuracy of the amount claimed, or the validity of the work purportedly done.

Negotiation and Settlement:

Our attorneys are skilled negotiators, aiming to resolve disputes outside of court whenever possible. We work to reach a fair settlement that protects your interests and can often negotiate a reduction or complete removal of the lien.

Litigation and Trial:

If a settlement cannot be reached, our seasoned litigators are prepared to defend your rights in court. We have a proven track record of successfully challenging mechanics liens and will advocate vigorously on your behalf.

Preventative Strategies:

In addition to defending against active liens, we offer counsel on preventative practices. This includes advising on proper contract documentation, thorough record-keeping, and proactive payment tracking to avoid future lien disputes.

Why Choose Lifetime Estate for Your Mechanics Lien Defense?

Expertise in Colorado Lien Law:

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of the nuances of Colorado lien law and how it applies to your specific situation.

Client-Centered Service:

We prioritize your peace of mind and work tirelessly to ensure that your property rights are protected. You’ll receive personalized attention and guidance throughout the entire process.

Proactive and Aggressive Representation:

Whether it’s through settlement negotiations or courtroom litigation, we are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you.