At Lifetime Estate, we think that creating an effective estate plan is crucial to safeguarding your legacy and making sure that your loved ones are taken care of. As an estate planning law practice, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in establishing thorough estate plans that represent their goals and address their particular needs in Colorado and throughout the United States. We can assist you in navigating the intricate world of trusts to achieve your objectives thanks to our significant knowledge and individualized approach.



We provide VA and Medicaid trust services to our customers nationwide, including in Colorado. Our knowledgeable attorneys can assist you in setting up a trust that is intended to satisfy the particular specifications of these programs, enabling you to be eligible for benefits. You can safeguard your assets and have access to the benefits you require by setting up a VA or Medicaid trust without compromising your financial stability or your peace of mind. We can assist you in achieving your objectives with our complete VA and Medicaid trust services, whether you are worried about safeguarding your assets for future generations or gaining access to the benefits you require right away.



We comprehend the value of safeguarding your loved ones and making sure they are cared for after your passing. To ensure that your beneficiaries receive the full benefit of your life insurance policy without having to pay estate taxes, our skilled attorneys can assist you in setting up a trust that is intended to hold your policy. You can safeguard your loved ones and make sure they are taken care of in the case of your dying by setting up a life insurance trust. Life insurance trusts can also be used to create wealth and minimize taxes.